Montmartre is famous for it's artistic history and was home to the Belle Époque movement from 1872 to 1914. Some of my favourite painters Monet, Renoir, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Mondrian, Picasso and van Gogh all had studios or worked in or around this famous hill. I've climbed the steps many times, to see the beautiful church at the top and take in the astonishing view over the Paris skyline (the best viewpoint in the city?). It began with some formative school art trips, but i've found inspiration every time i've visited... I hope I can be back here with my camera and sketchbook very soon!

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Below is a loop of animation based on the main illustration. I was playing around with adjustments in photoshop and decided that it would be fun to recreate a night and day animation of the Basilica. I have fond memories of wandering the cobbles, the Church lit with a wonderful yellow glow and the street lamps twinkling throughout the green spaces.
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