There’s always a variety of music playing in my studio while I work, I think it helps to stimulate energy and the colour in creative work. So it’s a special feeling around the Glastonbury Festival, with some great coverage and wonderful mix of music available on the BBC. As I soaked up the atmosphere from afar, it seemed like a good opportunity to create an illustration of the main stage at Glastonbury, full of Summer colours and waving banners. I wanted to include some of the landscape rising to the horizon, beautiful green fields leading up to the tor and St Michael’s Tower.

You can see the time lapse of the original acrylic and ink painting below. But I also wanted to take the image further, adding in some animated elements to bring the illustration to life. Below you can see the results, creating suggestions of movement in the flags and simple patterns of lights on stage. A lot of the illustrators I admire have been doing this kind of digital work for a while, but I do think my work has plenty of potential with future animations.
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