Recently i’ve had the pleasure of working on this illustration for the fantastic Winchester Distillery, not that I usually need any excuse to work on a summery Winchester scene. But they came to me with a relaxed and open brief for an image that could be used in their promotional advertising, tying their premium brand of gin to the city in which it’s created. Mixing art and drinking, it always has the potential to create something interesting! here’s the results!
The painting had to feature the ‘Twisted Nose’ gin bottle and figures enjoying a cocktail or two within a recognisable local scene. It’s composition also had to work in both landscape and portrait, making it much easier to use in a variety of advertising formats.
I’ve always thought that the Old Vine is a pretty iconic Winchester watering hole, so this sunny summer take on Great Minster Street and the Square seemed like a natural choice. I’m looking forward to seeing this image popping up over the coming months in the foodie magazines
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